Presented by Barbara Bicknell

Facebook: barbzcards


Paper: Any choice of 12×12 sheet of designer paper for the lid and a 12×12 piece of card for the base.

Other: Silver Metallic-Edge Ribbon, Lovely Labels Pick a Punch, ¾” Circle punch


12 x 12


On the base card score at 2″ on all 4 sides

For the lid dsp: score at 3/4″ on 4 sides, then place the card on the score board and move a fraction from the left edge and score 2″ on 4 sides, (this allows for the lids to be slightly larger than the base so it will fit over. If you watch the video below you will see what I mean.

If using a scorer on the paper trimmer, then score at 3/4″ and 1 15/16th” on 3 sides


8 x 8″


1. Take the scored base card and cut up to the scoreline on each opposite corner.

2. Watch this video by Sam Hammond Donald it is so much easier to see how this is done rather than try and describe it. This example is made from a 12×12 but she made a 4″ box so you are doing the same thing but scoring at 2″ not 4″ and getting therefore a much larger box.